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Advantages of Concrete Log Siding

Advantages of Concrete Log Siding

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January 25, 2008

Everyone knows that concrete is one of the most durable and versatile materials we have for building all kinds of structures and roadways.  It is very weather resistant and only rarely requires repair or replacement.  We expect to see this incredible material used in parking garages, on driveways, and especially as foundations.  Those people with a love of log style homes may be surprised to learn that concrete can also lend its amazing hand in creating a long lasting, solid log home as well.  Traditional log homes are beautiful there is no doubt about it, but look at how concrete log siding can make a huge difference:

First of all it will help to describe what concrete log siding is.  Molds in the shape of half of a log are filled with concrete and allowed to cure fully.  In some cases the individual moldings are placed together to create siding as most people think of it.  Other methods include leaving the "logs" as they are and using the more traditional approach to building a log structure.  You may wonder why someone would choose to use concrete in a log home instead of true logs.  There are a variety of reasons why this material is beneficial.

Concrete Log Siding

Let's start with durability.  It's true that natural wood logs are very good to use in construction.  However over time, even this near indestructible material can begin to wear down and sustain damage.  Don't forget about the possibility of fire damage as well.  Using logs in their natural state also creates a very uniform appearance on the inside of a home.  It's hard to drywall over logs.  Concrete behaves much differently.

With concrete log siding, you can be assured that regardless of the weather these logs are going to be just fine.  Concrete is naturally fire resistant, so that is no longer a concern.  Moving to the appearance of the logs, the manufacturers have gotten so good at their job that once the concrete logs are stained or painted, they perfectly mimic the appearance of natural wood logs.  On the inside of the home, since these concrete logs are only half, the homeowner has a smooth dry walled surface to work with.

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