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Common Basement Flooring Options

Common Basement Flooring Options

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March 1, 2007

Basement flooring options are so abundant that it can be quite perplexing to decide on the right choice for your basement floor.  From painted concrete to ceramic tile to carpeting and more, you can find a flooring option to suit whatever style and purpose you have in mind for the basement space.  Budget is an important consideration as well, so that should enter into your decision making process along the way.

The first step in determining the best basement flooring for your home is to look at the current floor and assess its condition.  You need to check to see if there are any major cracks, moisture problems, or other issues. These problems need to be repaired and resolved before moving on.  If you don't you may have problems that you will have to repair once your new floor is in. Even if the only issue with your basement floor is that you don't like it, you should keep this in mind when looking into the common basement flooring options. 

Evaluate Your Basement Flooring

The next step is to think about how you plan to use the basement area.  Will it be a cozy family room for watching TV or a home office?  Does the basement open out to the yard so that there is likely to be a lot of foot traffic across the floor?  Will the basement be used as a bedroom, a playroom, or a storage and laundry area?  What do you spend the most time doing in the basement? The answers to these questions will help you decide what characteristics you want the flooring to have. Characteristics might include being easy to clean, plush and soft, or extremely durable.

With a purpose and characteristics you want in mind you can start to think about the type of basement flooring materials you'll want to use.  You might choose to simply paint a concrete floor a solid color or use a faux paint process to add some style.  Other popular floor coverings include vinyl, laminate, linoleum, and tile. These types of flooring are especially well suited to basements that will be subject to a lot of foot traffic and the dirt that inevitably comes with it. 

Basement Flooring Options

If your basement multitasks as a playground for little ones and a space for laundry and other chores,  you might want to think about laminate tiles.  This flooring option is durable, easy to clean and easy on little knees.  Its also easy to install and remove as your basement's needs change. 

For a more plush and comfortable feel you can install carpeting with a very sturdy pad underneath it.  The pad is critical even though it is not visible once the carpet is installed. It is well worth spending some extra money to get the highest quality possible.  If you want a very elegant look, you can even install laminate flooring in many circumstances.  Whatever your ultimate decision, basement flooring is an excellent way to make that space into anything you want it to be.

Whether you decide to finish your basement, or start a completely different home improvement project, you'll be glad you made an investment in your home. To find local contractors, or learn more about any of these remodeling projects check out our other resources.

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