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Colored Concrete Driveways Add Even More Style and Design to Your Landscape

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September 21, 2006

Find out how colored concrete driveways can enhance the look and value of your property.

Sandstone, Terra Cotta, Rustic Brown, Sangria, Mocha, and Cocoa are just a few of the many colors available for colored concrete driveways. The great part is you don't have to choose just one color. You can create designs and patterns using different colors. This gives you limitless choices of how you want your colored concrete driveways to look.

Concrete is the most used materials for driveways. Just a few years ago, your choice for a concrete driveway was limited. White, dark, and light grey were your basic color options. Even then, you might not really have a choice. The contractor simply used whatever he chose.

Now concrete has aesthetic properties just as most other building and architectural materials. Special ingredients can now be added into the concrete or "dusted" on after it's poured. These new techniques allow you to create your own statement with colored concrete driveways.

Colored Concrete Driveways

White cement concrete allows for a wide spectrum of colors from bright whites and pastels to more saturated darker colors. Concrete can also be textured, patterned or stamped allowing you to get creative with colored concrete driveways. Professional concrete finishers can help you create your own colored concrete driveway to suit your property's landscape and the style of your home.

The final results of your colored concrete driveways will depend on more than one factor. The type and base color of the cement, the type and amount of pigment added, the amount of chemical admixtures and the type, size, color and cleanliness of the aggregates added, are all important determining factors to the final appearance of your colored concrete driveways.

Before the actual paving of your driveway, it is strongly suggested that sample panels of the colored concrete be formed from the exact materials to be used. This will assure color and style is as you want.

Oakland, CA

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