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Enhance Wood Grains with Color Tinted Wood Stains

Enhance Wood Grains with Color Tinted Wood Stains

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January 2, 2008

Color tinted wood stains are available in an almost unlimited numbers of hues and colors.  The tinted stain starts with a clear stain that has color pigment added.   Tinted wood stains are used on both interior and exterior woods.

Every kind of wood has a grain that gives the wood distinction.  Color tinted wood stains have two purposes.  The stain brings out the grain which enhances the beauty of the wood.  It also seals the wood against potential weather damage. Wood requires maintenance, but the reward is a natural beauty.

Color Tinted Wood Stains

Wood stains are used on furniture, cabinets, house siding, decks and trim.  There are several kinds of color tinted wood stains, and the one you choose depends on what you are staining.  Exterior stains are usually made differently from interior stains, but some companies claim to sell a stain that can be used either way.  Exterior stains must seal the wood tighter, and be able to endure weather onslaughts.  Almost all wood is stained with a color tint, though some tints are very light.  It's really a matter of preference.

Wood stain can be water based, oil based or gel.  Exterior stains usually dry to a flat finish because you don't want a shiny house or deck. The tinted stain is made by mixing the color you choose in a clear base.  You want to buy a good stain, because the most inexpensive stains don't penetrate wood like the better brands.  The deeper the stain penetrates, the longer the color will last.  Color tinted wood stains are also made as gel stain.  The gel stain is ideal for use on wood veneers, fiberglass and fiberboard.

The key to successful wood staining is: 1) buy a good quality stain, and 2) properly prepare the wood before staining.  The wood surface must be clean in order for the stain to adhere.  You will want to wash the house or deck before staining.  You will also want to dust indoor woods prior to applying stain.  If there are any nail holes, they should be filled with wood filler to achieve a smooth look.  You should lightly sand interior wood also before you stain.

There are many premixed color tinted wood stains on the market, but you can also order custom mixed stain colors. You should test the stain on a piece of wood like you plan on staining to make sure the dried color is what you expected. 

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