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Color Charts for House Paint: Tips for Choosing Your Palette

Color Charts for House Paint: Tips for Choosing Your Palette

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May 25, 2006

If you're ready to redecorate, or you need fresh paint, you may consider a number of different colors. Making the final decision on what hue will best suit your home can be difficult. Using color charts for house paint can guide you to make the process fun and easy.

Choosing an overall color scheme involves more than just choosing one color and painting. Color and light go hand in hand. You will need to consider the lighting situation where you will be painting to help get the most complementary color. Color charts for house paint can help you customize a combination of light, color hues, color value, and color saturation that will help you make the most of paint to create a new look and feel in your home. Using pre-designed color charts for house paint schemes will help you determine what will and won't work for your chosen decorative style and lighting.

A More Scientific Approach to Paint Color

Color charts for house paint will help you think creatively about your color choices, tints, shades, lighting and how they might work into your decorative style. No matter what style you have in mind, there are color charts for house paint that will give you the basic color hues and values that typically work well together. Lighting should be integrally planned in your painting scheme because it sets the mood of the room and affects the perceived colors. The use of each of your chosen theme's color in the amounts and varieties that suits your taste will give you a unique yet aesthetically pleasing look.

Choosing paint colors can become a very technical process. As you browse through color charts for house paint remember all colors have complementary colors based upon primary pigments of red, yellow, or blue. These three colors can't be achieved by mixing other colors, but their value can be lightened or darkened, and their saturation point can be intensified or decreased. It is also important to remember that all color interacts with each other. The perception of color is relative and not absolute. For example, a light green wall seems pale behind an emerald green sofa, yet seems greener behind a red sofa.

Learn Quick Tips for Maximizing Your Home's Color

Here are some great quick tips for comparing color charts for house paint:

• A contrast color typically enriches a color, and a darker companion color in the same hue will diminish or mute it.
• Colors separated by black or white interact less than those put side by side.
• White backgrounds intensify colors.
• Equally strong colors tend to cancel each other out.

Get Creative with Color Charts for House Paint to Create the Perfect Look

Color charts for house paint are a great tool to help you devise your own personal mix to enhance and compliment your chosen decorative style. Don't hesitate to mix, match, and compare until you have just what you want.

Ready to add a whole new color scheme into your life? Receive free estimates on your painting project and find a local contractor to turn your dream into a reality. For more interior and exterior painting ideas check out our other home remodeling resources.

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