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Cleaning Tumbled Marble Tiles and Natural Stone

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May 1, 2006

Cleaning tumbled marble tiles and natural stone is similar. Because they have pores, it requires a different cleaning process than for example, ceramic tile. Ceramic tile cleaners can damage and make your marble or stone look permanently dirty. The naturally porous nature of marble tiles requires special precautions and treatment to ensure a long-lasting beautiful effect. Here are some great tips for cleaning tumbled marble tiles and maintaining their original beauty.

Cleaning tumbled marble tiles and natural stone is as easy as Vacuuming and dust moping regularly. Occasionally use an appropriate cleaner, which should be a neutral one. If the cleaner contains bleach or harsh chemical don't use it. Even if the solution is weak, you could be hurting the look instead of helping. It is best when looking for a proper cleaner to buy one specifically for cleaning tumbled marble tiles or stone and read all directions before applying.

Cleaning Tumbled Marble Tiles

When cleaning tumbled marble tiles becomes intensive, regular cleaners may not be enough. Sometimes cleaning tumbled marble tiles or stone requires a heavier cleaner or a degreaser to clean away grease, wax, built-up dirt and other hard to remove film. You may even have to mix the cleaning solution and let it sit on the floor for a little while to soften the dirt. The key to cleaning a big area is to use clean solution on the whole floor to insure you are not spreading more grime from area to area.

If you realize the cleaner that you have been using for years is the culprit for making your tile or stone dull don't panic. There is a way to restore it. Marble polish is great to use and can help bring back the natural shine and can also fix a few scratches. This won't work for every situation. Make sure to read the directions and if you are not sure about what's best for restoring or cleaning your tumbled marble tiles, it is always best to consult a specialist.

For quick stain removal, stone poultice can do the trick and clean up grout. This product can dull a polished finish so only use on the stained area. If the area continues to look dull simply apply some marble polish to bring back the shine.

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