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Cleaning Tile Grout - Clean, Refresh and Seal!

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April 24, 2006

Your old dirty, dingy tile grout will look like new.

Old dirty tile grout can make your beautiful tile look worn and ready for replacement. Don't order the tile just yet. Often cleaning tile grout can do the trick. If there are still areas of staining after cleaning tile grout there is still hope. A much less expensive solution will have your tiled area looking good as new with a minimal amount of work.

The first step is to thoroughly clean your grout using one part bleach to three parts water. Several professionally made grout cleaners are available, some work great, and some don't. For cleaning tile grout, bleach and water will give you the most predictable results. Use a toothbrush or other small brush while cleaning tile grout with the water/bleach mixture. Give the bleach time to do the job.

You may even want to apply and scrub more than once as you are cleaning tile grout. Remember, the grout is porous, meaning it will absorb moisture. As the bleach and water penetrates you will begin to see your stained and dingy grout come back to that new clean look.

After you"ve finished cleaning tile grout there may be some areas that didn't clean up exactly as you had hoped. If there are still areas of stain after cleaning tile grout, don't despair, there is another solution.

Cleaning Tile Grout

This alternative to cleaning tile grout requires a bit more work, but saves you money and effort as compared to a total new tile project.

After you have finished cleaning tile grout, make sure to let it dry completely. You may even want to allow at least 24 hours ensuring there is no moisture in the grout. For the areas that are still stained, you're simply going to refinish the grout. You"ll need a grout saw, fresh grout (either pre-mixed or powder formula), a grout float and paper towels or clean cloth.

Start by using the grout saw to remove just enough of the grout to remove the discoloration. Be cautious, as this saw is very sharp. You"ll want to move slowly and with definite purpose as a slip of the saw can cause scrapes and nicks in your tile.

Once you"ve removed the old grout, vacuum the old grout material and clean the area of any remaining dust. Now you're ready to mix the grout and apply it into the areas. Don't worry about getting the grout on tile, it's OK and expected to happen. Just put a scoop of grouting material down on the area and use the grout float to push it into the grout joints. Once the grout joints have been filled, scrape the excess off the tile with the grout float, making sure to leave the grout pushed into the joints.

Take a sponge and wipe any remaining excess grouting from the area. Allow the grouting to dry for at least 24 hours. You"ll probably see a thin film of grout material on your tiles. Simply take a cloth or paper towel and wipe it off. After the grout has cured for at least three days, apply grout sealer to keep your newly refinished grout looking as good as new.

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