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Keep It Looking New: Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks

Keep It Looking New: Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks

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November 19, 2007

Many people don't realize that most of today's 'granite' sinks are actually granite composite sinks.  So, when it comes to cleaning granite composite sinks, there are slightly different rules that need to be followed.  In order to keep your sinks looking clean and fresh, you need to learn the basics of specifically cleaning granite composite sinks.  These steps will help you preserve your investment:

As with any sink, the best way to handle cleaning granite composite sinks is to make sure you are cleaning them regularly, especially after you have put foods or other wastes in the sink.  Rinse the sink with dishwashing liquid and scrub gently with a nylon brush to remove any debris.  When you are done washing the sink, be sure to dry it with a dry towel to prevent water from standing on the surface.  If you have hard water and you allow water to sit on the surface, it can create mineral stains that will not be able to be removed.

Cleaning Granite Composite Sinks

If you notice that you have some stains that have set into the sink, there are ways of cleaning granite composite sinks that won't damage the surface.  You might want to scrub with a washcloth and some dishwashing liquid to see if that will help, rinse away soap thoroughly when you are done.  If this doesn't work, you can use some diluted bleach on the stain and then rinse thoroughly when you are done.  And at last resort, you will want to try something abrasive like a paste of baking soda or a chemical abrasive cleanser.  Never mix these cleansers together, however.  Use one at a time and rinse thoroughly between each step.

Finally, be sure to keep things like citrus cleaners and ammonia away from the sink when cleaning granite composite sinks.  These can damage the surface texture and cause more harm than good.  If you should spill these kinds of ingredients, be sure to rinse thoroughly to try to remove as much as you can.

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