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Clean Air Furnace for Trouble Free Operation

Clean Air Furnace for Trouble Free Operation

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September 26, 2007

A clean air furnace is important to efficient operation.  If a furnace is not properly maintained and checked at least once a year, it can increase utility bills and be unable to keep your house warm the way it's meant to do.  Keeping your furnace clean also keeps your air unit operating safely. 

Cleaning a furnace is more a matter of routine maintenance that should be done regularly.  For example, the furnace filter should be cleaned or replaced on a schedule, like every fall in preparation for winter temperatures. When a filter gets dirty or plugged it can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the furnace and also force the furnace to labor too hard.  This drives utility bills up.  Also be aware that the more you use the furnace, the more frequently you should check it.

Clean Air Furnace

A dirty air filter is easy to recognize.  When you pull it out of the furnace, it will be grimy or you won't be able to see any light through it.  One of the signs a furnace filter is dirty is when you begin to notice an unusual amount of dust on your furniture.  Don't try to skimp on filter replacements, because most filters are very inexpensive.  The cost or repairing your furnace, on the other hand, can be extremely expensive.

A clean air furnace will also have a clean blower.  The blower is what pushes the air through the ductwork.  If the blower is not working properly or is dirty, the dust and grime will obviously blow throughout the house.  Clean the blower blades every month.  You should also periodically check the blower motor and make sure all openings are clear of dirt and grime.

While following procedures to maintain a clean air furnace, you can also inspect the whole unit.  Always make sure any units situated outside and exposed to the elements are kept free of bushes and leaves.  Most new units have vents that prevent leaves from blowing into the unit, but older units are not always so efficient.  Clean off any cobwebs and dust that's coated the unit.

After you check the filters, also check pilot light operation on gas furnaces, listen for unusual noises, watch the pilot light flame, check the air temperature against the thermostat setting, and watch the furnace operate.  Most of the time homeowners tend to take their air furnace for granted until they detect a problem.  Yet an improperly operating air furnace can mean higher than normal utility bills, poor home air quality and even dangerous gas leaks. 

Simply stated, a clean air furnace can make your house comfortable and efficient.  

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