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Choosing Among Wooden Soffit Options

Choosing Among Wooden Soffit Options

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September 7, 2007

Just like with most products today, there are several wooden soffit options.  Soffit is the horizontal flat area between the roof overhang and the house.  There are the traditional solid wood products, but technology has also created engineered wood that is durable and weather resistant.  In addition, you can choose from several wood designs that accent soffit and make installation easy.  Also, interior soffits used in kitchens and other rooms in the house can be made out of a variety of wood.

Wooden Soffit Options

Though vinyl soffit material is made for roof soffits, many people prefer to use wood.  Wooden soffits are the most traditional choices and often enhance the look of a house no matter the kind of house exterior involved.  For example, houses made of brick, wood or stucco will normally use one of the wooden soffit options.

There are good reasons for choosing one of the wooden soffit options.  Wooden soffits are inexpensive, easy to install and can be painted to match the trim or color of the house.  When you see a house that looks well maintained and coordinated, the soffits are almost always contributing to the finished look.  Once installed correctly, wood soffits require little maintenance and that usually consists of routine painting and keeping the soffit vents clear of debris.

Soffits are important for controlling heat and humidity in the attic.  Most soffits hold vents that allow air to pass up through the attic and out the ridge vents.  Well designed soffit material can make a difference in the effectiveness and ease of installation.  Wooden soffit options include the following.

• Tongue and groove
• Solid
• Finger jointed
• Flush joint
• Custom design

Wooden soffit material is also made in a variety of woods including fir, red cedar and pine.  The newest wooden soffit options include new engineered wood products.  They are all wood, but made out of layers of wood veneers that are fortified with additional banding.  The engineered wood soffits are less subject to warping, or even the expansion and contraction normally experienced with any wood product.

Wooden soffit options for interior soffits are unlimited.  Some people choose to build soffits out of plywood and then drywall over the plywood.  Others build a soffit frame and attach the drywall directly to the frame.  But another option is to build soffit using wood that matches the cabinets, such as oak or cherry or pine.  A lot depends on the type of kitchen design and the preferences of the owners. 

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