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Cheap Home Remodel - Simple Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Home

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December 6, 2005

For a cheap home remodel, consider these easy to do ideas for great ways to renovate your living space.

Does your home need a makeover? Are you looking for a more spacious living area? Is your bathroom causing you nightmares? Ok?it's time to think outside the box for a while. You'll be amazed at how many cheap home remodel ideas you can find to give new spice to the inside or outside of your house.

Whatever area you want to remodel first think about what it is you most hope to accomplish from your cheap home remodel. Here are main reasons people usually decide to remodel; 1) improve/add usable space 2) tired and worn image 3) improve lighting and ambience 4) bathroom or kitchen problems.

If you want to improve or add usable space, without actually making an addition to your home, consider these cheap home remodel suggestions. Evaluate the area for possibilities. If it is your living room, family room or bedroom consider rearrangement of your furnishings or eliminating items that aren't frequently used. You may be surprised at the results.

For example, instead of that big media storage cabinet on the floor, consider installing wall cabinets or shelves. This will free up floor space very inexpensively. Perhaps you want extra space in your living room or master bedroom. Is there an adjoining room such as an extra bedroom that is not used often? Consider removing the wall between the two to create much larger space.

Cheap Home Remodel

A great way to rejuvenate tired and worn image with a cheap home remodel is by painting or adding wallpaper. Add coverings or paint to the existing furnishings and you'll have a total new look without breaking the bank. These are easy do-it-yourself projects that can be completed in a weekend.

Improving the ambience of a room can be as simple as replacing the light fixture, or adding more lighting. Another way is to consider adding a window to an outside wall. Choosing lighter colors for walls, flooring, and accessories can also provide the image of a larger open area.

There tons of ways to improve functionality and appearances of kitchens and bathrooms. Re-facing cabinets can often make a huge difference in your kitchen. To improve space in a bathroom, consider installing a shower instead of a full tub. Or add shelving instead of floor cabinets.

These are only as very few of the ways to accomplish a cheap home remodel. Put your creativity to work and you'll have wonderful ways to reach your goals.

Oakland, CA

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