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Change Your Whole Bathroom by Changing a Few Details

Change Your Whole Bathroom by Changing a Few Details

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October 5, 2009

When you think of bathroom renovation, you may immediately think of the big projects. It's true that some of the most distinctive bathroom home improvement jobs such as installing bathtubs, showers, vanities and flooring, are major efforts that require money, time and professional contractors. But the bathroom is the perfect place to prove that in decorating, less can definitely be more.

For an Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel: Pick a Theme

As any decorator can tell you, you can't always just put together a bunch of elements that you like and expect the resulting whole to be attractive. This goes for any decorating project, but perhaps especially for a bathroom renovation. Decide what you want visitors to notice when they walk into your bathroom, and start there. It could be the bathroom mirror, or perhaps the shower curtains. Make everything else you put in compliment that one detail, both in color and in patterns. A theme of two or three colors, and one major pattern, typically looks best.

Bathroom Fixtures: Focus on Sink and Mirror

When you walk into a bathroom, you can't help but look in the mirror. Reflective surfaces always catch the eye, and mirrors can be attention-grabbing. Make sure you surround the mirror, as well as the sink that is usually below it, with the theme you are showing off.

Vital Bathroom Design Element: The Shower or Bathtub

Most bathtubs and showers are relatively simple affairs. Even the most expensive shower or tub may be absent many distinctive visual features, making it perfectly neutral and great for embellishment. For an inexpensive bathroom remodel, put up shower curtains in the theme you want. Or, direct bathroom lighting to shine on your attractive shower or bathtub fixtures. An addition of a single orchid on your shower windowsill can create an elegant statement. Think about bathmats, towels, candles, and the placement of robe hooks to make your bathtub or shower as welcoming as possible.

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