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Siding Options: Cedar Beveled Siding

Siding Options: Cedar Beveled Siding

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October 17, 2006

When trying to pick siding for your home you are faced with many options. Homeowners today have a wide selection of materials and colors to choose from. When deciding what kind of siding to use, cedar siding may be the best decision. If you are trying to achieve a classic sophisticated look for your home cedar beveled siding can provide just that.

Cedar beveled siding is a great choice for both homes or commercial buildings. Cedar is a popular choice for many reasons. Wood siding, whether beveled, in cedar shake shingles or board and batten, all lend a charming and prestigious look to a home. Cedar has a great aroma and is very appealing for both indoor and outdoor applications. Cedar even provides a higher value for insulation purposes than many other types of wood. It's a light and easy-to-install wood, which makes it a great choice. Above all, cedar beveled siding looks great.

Cedar Beveled Siding

If you want wood siding on your home, garage, shed or even for commercial use, this is a long lasting wood that can stand the test of time while retaining its great look. Cedar beveled siding is an angled cut of cedar that's installed horizontally. Other cedar siding options include channel siding, where narrow and wide channels exist in which each piece of siding slightly overlap one another. Other cedar siding options are the tongue and groove style as well as board and batten options. Cedar is a great choice for your beveled siding pattern and results in a classic shadowed effect. Cedar is widely available and quite affordable.

Cedar Beveled Siding can be stained in any number of colors. You can even purchase factory-finished cedar beveled siding for a uniform finish. Western Red cedar beveled siding is the most commonly used and is available in either clear or knotty. Older homes often use knotty cedar siding to create an older more rustic feel. Cedar beveled siding is a great option for covering your home that looks great and provides an extra blanket of warmth around your residence.

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