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Butterfly Roof Framing

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October 31, 2006

Butterfly roof framing is both an interesting and unique option for homes and other architectural structures. The butterfly roof is a butterfly shaped roof where the slopes angle in slightly toward the center of the roof. If you imagine two metal butterfly wings slightly extended upwards, this is the premise of the shape of such a roof design.

A butterfly roof framing design is popular in places such as Hawaii. The purpose of this roof design is to enable the water from rainfall to be captured in the center part of the roof, between the two slopes and the homeowner can drain the roof and utilize the rainwater. This is a popular thing for reasons of drought.

Butterfly Roof Framing

There are many unique roof framing options such as butterfly, gable, hip, flat, shed, mansard, a-frame and more. Many roofs are popular in certain countries for reasons pertaining to their climate in order to utilize rain, be protected from wind, avoid rain collection (in heavily rained on areas) and also simply for style.

Many unique structures choose a butterfly roof framing theme or design in order to achieve a unique looking shape with tall windows on either side. The butterfly roof can have a few downfalls to it such as difficulty in draining for areas with excess precipitation but the modern butterfly roof framing designs can be created to accommodate water drainage while retaining their look and feel.

Many new homes including prefab as well as custom built homes are coming out equipped with butterfly roof framing options to allow for an open, modern and airy feeling.

Los Angeles, CA

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