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Building an Addition to Old Floor Framing

Building an Addition to Old Floor Framing

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April 21, 2006

There are many ways to add an addition to old floor framing. Today we will cover what you will need to add a wooden patio or deck to an existing floor. Historical wooden floor framing and what we use today is very similar. For instance, four-by-fours, four-by-sixes, and two-by-fours are the most common sizes of wood you should use.

The major difference between the past and the present floor framing is that in the past, most floor framing consisted of hardwoods that were not pressure treated for insect and weather resistance. Today's lumber used in framing must be pressure treated to pass construction codes. Another huge advantage is the invention of the nail gun and zip screws.

If you are considering building a patio or deck addition to old floor framing, you should first look at the existing framing to decide whether or not you should attach the new framing to the old framing.

Addition to Old Floor Framing

Whether or not to attach your deck or patio addition to old floor framing is very important for durability as well as possibility. Most of the older homes and the newer ones for that fact are generally framed onto a brick or block foundation.

This is very important in your addition to old floor framing plans because you will need to determine if you can secure your addition to the old floor framing. If the installation will require you to go through the brick or block foundation then you may want to consider building your addition as a stand alone project. An addition to old floor framing can be difficult due to the wear and tear of time.

If you decide to install the deck or patio addition to old floor framing you stand a risk of damaging the appearance of the home, not to mention risking damage to the foundation resulting in thousands of dollars in extra expense.

A stand-alone patio or deck is usually built on a foundation of four-by-fours and cement. You basically measure out the desired size of the intended patio or deck then place your four-by-fours in the ground using posthole diggers and then pouring in some concrete for stability. It is important to make sure the four-by-fours are level before allowing the concrete to dry. Once the concrete is dry, start framing your deck or patio into place.

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