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Build a Laundry Room Cabinet and Expand Your Options

Build a Laundry Room Cabinet and Expand Your Options

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October 1, 2007

The laundry room cabinet can serve many purposes besides hiding the bottles and boxes of cleaners and detergents.  The fact is the laundry room is going mainstream in new homes, and older homes are being remodeled to increase family use and convenience.  Used to hold state of the art laundry appliances, they often also serve as craft and hobby areas. 

Before you begin to build a laundry room cabinet, you must first decide what the room will be used for and what you want to store in the structure.  You may decide you want to move the laundry room from the basement to the first floor for convenience.  Or you might want to move the appliances in the current laundry room to gain more floor space.

Build a Laundry Room Cabinet

You should set your appliances first and then build the cabinets around them.  A laundry room can be so much more than just a place to do laundry.  Laundry rooms are used as "mud rooms" where dirty clothes can be removed without tracking through the house.  They are also used as craft rooms because they usually have vinyl or ceramic tile and no carpet to stain. They hold brooms, outdoor clothing, ironing boards and cleaners. 

There are several approaches you can take to build a laundry room cabinet.  A cabinet can be built from your own design.  You can buy pre-built cabinets you install.   You can also use modular storage cabinets that are easy to assemble.  Cabinets can be overhead cabinets, floor cabinets, broom closets, ironing board closets, shelving units, craft storage cabinets and many other configurations.  That's why it's important to decide on all the purposes for the room before you begin building any cabinets.

One important consideration for the laundry room is to give yourself space for folding clothes.  That's probably one of the most common needs not planned for during laundry room design.  You can add a clothes folding counter on top of a floor cabinet base.  If you build upper cabinets, add lighting underneath the cabinet.  Then the counter can be used for clothes folding or craft building.

Some laundry rooms have become such popular family rooms, they include a television.  You can build a laundry room cabinet to hide the television when not in use or to protect it from laundry room dampness.  When you build your cabinets, don't forget to add a clothes line or a place to hang clothes you remove from the dryer.

As you can see there are many factors to consider before you build a laundry room cabinet.  You should draw your floor plan first and then design the cabinets to fit the plan.  Many homes today match their laundry room cabinets to cabinetry in other rooms of the house.  

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