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Where Can I Use Brick Indoor Flooring?

Where Can I Use Brick Indoor Flooring?

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April 7, 2008

Lots of home owners think about using brick flooring, but few think about its possibilities inside the home.  Brick is generally used in the home for things like walls or fireplaces.  Few people consider using brick indoor flooring for their homes.  On the exterior of the house, brick flooring is more common.  Many home owners have patios and porches made of brick.  Some people even have custom brick work laid for a beautiful driveway.  But there is always the possibility of using this same driveway technique to improve the flooring inside the house.

Now just because brick indoor flooring can be used in the home doesn't mean it necessarily should be.  For example, while indoor brick flooring may seem like a great way to add a little charm and style to a room where you and your family frequently gather, you will want to consider the possible problems that could arise.  If you have young children who run and play in the room you are considering for the brick indoor flooring, think about the possibility of a child falling on a brick floor.  Brick is much less forgiving than carpet or even hardwood, and a child could easily get hurt falling on the brick.

Brick Indoor Flooring

But this is not to say that a family room or den cannot have brick indoor flooring.  The flooring should simply be used sparingly.  For example, brick indoor flooring can be used around a fireplace.  Perhaps the flooring could extend two feet from the foot of the fireplace and then you could install hardwood floors or carpeting.  This would enhance the appearance of the fireplace area without causing too much difficulty or potential problems for small children. 

Also, before you consider having an entire room done in brick indoor flooring, think about the cost.  It is quite expensive to have brick laid, and if you want a custom design inlaid into the brick work, this will cost even more.  But a small area like a fireplace area would cost about a third of what it would cost to put brick indoor flooring throughout the entire room.

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