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Adding On: Bonus Room Layout Drafts

Adding On: Bonus Room Layout Drafts

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February 19, 2008

Whether you are adding on to your existing home or you are building a new house from the basement up, layout drafts are a must.  Now, of course, with a new house you will have a lot more to consider than just one particular room.  But if you are simply adding on to your current home, you will want to consider different bonus room layout drafts. 

Adding a bonus room to your house will add value and square footage to any house, and this is definitely worth the investment if you have the money for construction costs.  Of course, as with any home addition, you should use a certified, qualified and licensed contractor for the construction.  Most contractors can provide bonus room layout drafts for you, and they will follow these plans to create the new room.  Once construction is finished, you can feel free to do the final decorative touches yourself, provided that you have the experience and tools necessary.

Bonus Room Layout Drafts

Bonus room layout drafts are the place to start, however.  The first step is simply to decide what you want to use your bonus room for: will it be a den, an office, a play room, a recreation room, or something else?  The bonus room layout drafts will need to reflect the use of the room, so have this part decided before you approach a contractor to draw up plans for you.

Some of the things to consider in your bonus room layout drafts are where the room will attach to your existing home and how.  If you are adding a den, you may want a completely open connection to another room; this will require knocking down an entire wall to connect the existing room with the bonus room.  If you are just adding a bonus room as an office, a simple doorway will be all that is needed; the bonus room layout drafts will show that only a small opening in an existing wall will be needed.

Bonus room layout drafts should not only consider the traffic into and out of the room, but also the placement of the room.  Most additions are put on the back or side of the house.  However, if you are adding a room between two existing rooms, you will need to decide how the space will be used to connect the two existing rooms.

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