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Going Beyond Your Kitchen and Bathroom With Home Remodeling and Room Additions

Going Beyond Your Kitchen and Bathroom With Home Remodeling and Room Additions

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February 25, 2008

Learn About Home Remodeling Projects You May Not Have Thought Of

When you're thinking of starting a home remodeling project, don't be afraid to think outside the box. The kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms in the house that you may think of first when considering a home remodel or addition project, but other rooms can benefit from some love too.

Create Something New With Your Unused Space

You may be letting some versatile space in your home go unused without even realizing it. An unfinished basement or attic is a blank canvas for you to create just about anything you want. By finishing walls, adding new flooring, installing electrical and other convenience outlets you can create extra space in your home.

That new space has endless possibilities. Whether you are creating a new bedroom space for a teenager, or making a game room or home theatre complete with a bar for entertaining friends, a basement or attic remodel is often an overlooked project that has more benefits than people realize. 

The most important thing about either of these projects is making sure that you bring the space up to code. This means you'll need to frame walls and ceilings, hang and finish drywall, install any needed HVAC components and plumbing systems, and put new windows in. With a basement remodel you'll often deal with the added component of waterproofing the space. Basically, it's a complicated job filled with intricate systems. You'll want to hire a home remodeling contractor to make sure the job is done right.

Industry expertise is vital to make sure your project turns out just how you want it. A professional home remodeling contractor should have experience doing attic conversions and basements, and will be able to give you insight on what might work best for your particular attic or basement. 

Spruce Up a Central Family Gathering Place

Revamping your family room can be great incentive for your family to stay in and spend more time together. When thinking of re-creating this central space be sure to plan around the activities that you and your family or friends enjoy doing most. If movies are your favorite pastime, add space for a great new entertainment system complete with flat screen T.V. and surround sound. Also allow space for proper seating. Maybe you would instead like to add a big table in the room to play board games. Whatever your favorite hobby is, let it inspire your Family Room design.

You can always make a space more inviting with the right color scheme. Add bright, soothing colors, and proper lighting. If you feel the room is too dark adding a skylight or new windows could really help bring new life to the room. Great lighting always makes a room more inviting. 

Invest In Yourself by Remodeling Your Master Bedroom Suite

Do you feel like you're fighting for space in your cramped bedroom? Indulge and treat yourself to a master bedroom remodel or expansion. Expanding your current space will give you more room for sleeping, storage, and you could even add an extra sitting area. For an even more interesting expansion you could add a balcony or veranda with French doors allowing access from your master bedroom.

For your master bathroom, think of adding both practical and luxury items. Installing dual vanities and sinks will give you and your partner the ability to function more efficiently in the morning, and besides it gives a great look to your bathroom. A popular luxury element is to add a bathtub with water jets, creating an instant spa feel in your master bathroom.

To start any of these projects, consult a quality, local contractor. By submitting your project details you'll receive free estimates on your project so you can get started right away. For more information on these projects, and other remodeling projects check out our other home improvement resources.

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