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Benefits of Replacing Windows and Exterior Doors at the Same Time

Benefits of Replacing Windows and Exterior Doors at the Same Time

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April 23, 2010

Selecting new windows and exterior doors at the same time can help coordinate materials and architectural styling appropriate for your home and budget. You can coordinate your selection of doors and windows, hire qualified installers, and meet energy savings goals by including new exterior doors in your window replacement project. Whether you're updating your home for your own enjoyment, or improving its energy efficiency and curb appeal, installing new windows and exterior doors at the same time can help you meet your goals.

New Windows and Doors: Giving Your Home a Face Lift

Old doors and windows detract from your home's appeal; if you're selling your home, potential buyers get their first impression of your home from its exterior appearance. Worn windows and doors can lead buyers to wonder what else needs updating, repair, or replacement. New windows and doors demonstrate pride of ownership and your dedication to maintaining your home.

Energy Efficiency: Saving Energy Means Saving Money

Energy efficient windows and doors can significantly reduce home energy costs when included as part of a comprehensive energy efficiency plan. You can select new windows designed to meet specific climate and environmental needs, and your choices can range from standard sizes to elaborate custom designs in unique sizes and shapes.

Planning your purchase and installation of new windows and exterior doors together can reduce the inconvenience of multiple projects and supports a unified plan for your home's exterior. Shopping online and consulting door and window dealers can lead to more ideas and plans for enhancing your home with new windows and doors.

About the author: Karen Lawson is a freelance writer whose interests include home and garden projects and interior design. She holds BA and MA degrees in English from the University of Nevada, Reno.
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