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Bay Window Styles That Add Space, Light and Charm

Bay Window Styles That Add Space, Light and Charm

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September 3, 2010

Bay window styles have a few things in common: they add space to your room, they add light to your day, and they enhance views more than a regular window.

Bay Window Styles

Either square or polygonal, bay windows extend out from the room instead of lying flat along the wall. By definition, three windows are placed together with angles at 90, 135, or 150 degrees to each other. They extend your room by pushing out the view you have. Bay windows are popular in picturesque cities like San Francisco. From the outside, the house usually extends straight down from the protruding window. Sometimes the entire bay is bolstered underneath and appears to be an addition that pushes out from the line of the home.

Bay window styles include the box bay window, which is achieved with the windows at a 90-degree square configuration. Another popular style is the "bow window." The bow is rounded, without any sharp corners. This is achieved by using more than three windows placed together. It looks a bit more regal, more finished, than a traditional bay window.

Window Seat: The Best View in the House

No doubt, one of the most popular reasons for installing a bay window--in any of the bay window styles--is to add a window seat. A built in sitting area fills the bay and creates a perfect place to sit and watch the day go by. Curled up with a book, a window seat supplies a cozy place to get away while sitting still. Favored by dogs and cats alike, they enjoy the view and the comfort as much as anyone.

Installing a bay window can add charm and depth to any room. As a bonus, you can gain some storage space under the window seat. Either open shelving for books or a top-opening trunk for blankets, additional seating and storage is a great addition.

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