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Adding Value to Your Home: Bathroom Expansion

Adding Value to Your Home: Bathroom Expansion

Looking For a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Fast?

February 18, 2008

Of all the things that most home owners consider doing to their homes, bathroom expansion or remodeling is something that is most common.  That's why when you go to a home remodeling store there is such a large variety of plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, and flooring and sink options for the bathroom.  Almost every home owner at one time or another considers this and decides to complete a bathroom expansion or remodeling project.

There is a big difference between bathroom expansion and bathroom remodeling.  Bathroom remodeling simply implies maybe tearing out a sink, tub, toilet, bathroom flooring, or all of the above, and replacing the removed pieces with newer, more updated versions.  This is something that can be done fairly easily by a weekend home remodeler if he or she has at least a basic understanding of plumbing and bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Expansion

Bathroom expansion, however, is much more complicated and will almost definitely require the use of a qualified professional contractor.  Bathroom expansion usually involves the combination of two bathrooms that are close to one another, or the literal expansion of a current bathroom into space currently occupied by another room.  This will be very complex because often new plumping will need to be laid, or old plumbing will need to be reset.  Also, any construction that may affect the structural integrity of your home should be done by a construction professional.

Most bathroom expansion projects involve moving or knocking down a wall - either a wall separating the two bathrooms that will be combined, or simply moving a wall further to make space for a larger bathroom.  Cabinetry will usually need to be added, as most bathroom expansion projects involve the addition of at least another sink, if not a whirlpool spa.  More flooring will need to be added to cover the new floor space, and new lighting fixtures will also need to be added to light the new bathroom area. 

If you are adding a new bathroom fixture like an additional toilet, bathtub or sink, you will need to consider the other fixtures in the bathroom and what fixtures would match the current ones.  Or, you could simply choose all new bathroom fixtures and completely redo your bathroom the same time as you are doing your bathroom expansion.

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