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Bathroom Exhaust Fan Basics

Looking For a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Fast?

September 7, 2005

by Jason Doane

A bathroom exhaust fan is an important component of home ventilation. You might be wondering why you might need a bathroom exhaust fan, or what kind/size to get. This guide will help answer those questions.

The main function of a bathroom exhaust fan is to help with ventilation of the home. Why is ventilation important in the home? Ventilation is important in the home for three main reasons.

First, homes built recently are more airtight and energy efficient than older homes. Airtight homes have fewer drafts, lowering heating and cooling costs. However, pollutants are more easily retained in airtight homes. These pollutants can be hazardous to the health of the occupants and can compromise structural integrity. Proper ventilation can alleviate poor indoor air quality and maintain energy efficiency.

Second, proper ventilation in the home is helpful in avoiding moisture and excess build-up from biological pollutants like mildew and mold. Excess pollutants can lead to deterioration of structure supports and walls, as well as be harmful to the health of the home's occupants.

Bathroom exhaust fan

Finally, volatile organic compounds are release from building materials, furniture, carpet, and other household items as a result of aging, decomposition, and curing. A bathroom exhaust fan, as part of a good ventilation system, will help prevent extended exposure to volatile organic compounds.

Bathroom exhaust fans come in many different types and sizes. There is a very simple way to calculate the size of bathroom exhaust fan you will need.

First, calculate the cubic feet of your bathroom (length X width X height). Next, divide by 60. Finally, multiply that number by 8. The result will give you the minimum CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating you will need for your exhaust fan.

Once you know what size bathroom exhaust fan you need, do some research on the Internet and at local retailers to find the best price. It is likely that you will need help installing the bathroom exhaust fan, unless you have experience dealing with ductwork and electrical wiring.

Now that you know the basics of the bathroom exhaust fan, you're ready to begin shopping around for one and looking for a professional to install it for you.

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