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Basic Directions For Replacing Home Windows

Basic Directions For Replacing Home Windows

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October 30, 2006

Replacing Home Windows On A Brick House

Replacing home windows takes a little time and skill but it is important to have good windows in a home. A proper installation will leave windows air tight and energy efficient.

During good weather you should begin replacing home windows by removing the old ones one at a time. Have your new windows near you and ready to put in. Start by removing the window inside trim with a putty knife against the wall to protect it. You should remove them with a pry bar

After that, you have to go outside and remove the exterior trim. After all is removed but the window, the window should be loose enough to slide out. Be careful, it may decide to go in or out for removal.

Replacing Home Windows

Once the window is gone, take a hammer to clean out the insulation and caulk from the opening so you can have it ready for the new window. Taking the window out is the easy part. When replacing home windows, making sure they are all sealed against air and moisture is imperative to get right.

The next step for replacing home windows is to pull the flange perpendicular to the side. Put caulk all the way down the inside of the flange and insert it into the frame. Make sure from the inside that the window is in good and level. The new framing will have to be nailed to the flange on the exterior part of the window once you know it.

Go back outside and caulk the flange and any other gaps. Insulate and then continue with the framing. Then the exterior and interior trim should be applied. Fill any gaps with caulk.

On the inside, you should replace the insulation and then put the casings on the window. Window seals can be reused if they are in good shape and then molding can be added for further decoration.

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