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Basement Remodeling Contractors ? Making Leisure Space

Basement Remodeling Contractors ? Making Leisure Space

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December 18, 2007

Basement remodeling contractors can show you how to turn a cold and uninteresting room into a warm gathering place.  Actually, when you say the words "basement room", it often evokes images of friends enjoying a game of pool or darts, the family watching the television together, or even regular gatherings of friends.  That's because basement rooms are almost always intended to be places of leisure.

Basement remodeling contractors can assist you with converting your basement into livable space.  This can mean many different things:

• Creating a family room
• Creating multiple rooms such as a den and a bedroom
• Creating a room where the kids can freely play
• Creating a home office space
• Creating an entertainment area with built-in bar area
• Sectioning a portion of the basement area for living space while maintaining a laundry room

Basement Remodeling Contractors

Converting a basement into a room the family will use regularly requires some special knowledge.  For example, basement ceiling heights are often a problem because they're lower than ceilings in the rest of the house.  Also, basement walls are more subject to having moisture problems since the walls are underground.  These kinds of issues are why hiring a local basement remodeling contractor is advised.

When you decide to remodel your basement, it's important to keep an open mind.  You might have to take advantage of some unusual design tricks in order to hide the unsightly pipes and wiring normally found in the basement.  This can include using innovative ceiling designs or special walls to hide building elements you don't want to see in a finished room. 

Basement remodeling contractors can offer you important information about making your basement room comfortable and maintenance free.  Often, basement floors are made out of concrete, and you might want to add a subfloor over the concrete before laying finish materials.  Or you can discuss adding a bathroom or kitchenette for convenience.  Some of your decisions will be cost driven.  The more features you add to the room, the more expensive the project.

Probably the most important issue concerning basement remodeling is moisture control.  For this reason alone, it's recommended you obtain the advice of one of the area basement remodeling contractors.  In this way, you'll know you're properly insulating and venting the room so you enjoy years of leisure in comfort.

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