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Add An Interesting Feature to Your Basement: Basement Bar Plan and Design

Add An Interesting Feature to Your Basement: Basement Bar Plan and Design

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November 1, 2006

An always popular trend is to install a bar in the basement of your home. Turning either your unfinished basement or downstairs bonus room into a fun, entertaining atmosphere is something many people enjoy doing. You can put a bar and fun accessories up as a place to entertain guests and throw parties. There are many basement bar plan and design possibilities to choose from when thinking about embarking on a project such as this.

Another added advantage to adding a basement bar is the potential to increase the value of your home.  Depending on the style of home you have, and whether or not the basement is finished or not, adding a basement bar plan can be a major selling point for potential buyers.  Even if you're not ready to sell in the near future, you can enjoy your bar knowing it will only do good things for you in the long run. 

Basement Bar Plan and Design  

Bars can be built into your wall and be stationary or be moveable and there are many ideas and shapes including a corner bar or a curved bar that can be done in many styles. There are classic styles as well as more retro styles for a young hip couple who loves to entertain.

Your basement is often an unused space left for laundry or storage. Finishing part of or the whole basement to add living space is a great way of maximizing your square footage in your home. A basement bar plan and design can give you a great place to host a party. Another great idea to enhance your basement is to equip it with a home theatre system to make the most of your "party zone".

Ideas to Get You Started: 

Here are some more ideas to make your basement bar a great and functional place:

  • Get a neon sign with your last name or nickname to go over your bar
  • Buy fun accessories for your bar to give it a professional vibe
  • Install a sink behind your bar, making it a wet bar which will allow you more options for what you can do behind the bar in terms of washing up and cooking
  • Consider a small kitchenette behind your bar for party preparation
  • Install surround sound and great lighting in your basement for extra fun and music
  • A pool table, dart board or ping pong table can add to the atmosphere of your basement bar area
  • Consider installing a bathroom in your basement so guests don't have to go up and down the stairs to use facilities
A basement bar plan and design is an empty canvas that you can use to design and build a great space that you can utilize. Whether you decide to finish your basement, or start a completely different home improvement project, you'll be glad you made an investment in your home. To find local contractors, or learn more about any of these remodeling projects check out our other resources.

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