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Barn Style Shed - Tips for Purchase

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December 6, 2005

When choosing a barn style shed it is important to consider your options as well as the reputation of the retailer. The most popular method is to purchase a pre-constructed barn style shed. The less popular, yet very effective method is to purchase the plans and materials and build it yourself.

Whether you are buying a pre-built barn style shed or building one yourself, basic decisions you'll need to make are: color, size, and most importantly price. Barn style sheds typically come in a wide array of colors to complement the color and style of your home. The most popular colors are neutrals like beige, grayish blue, or tan.

Your choice of color will be limitless if you construct the shed yourself. If you do decide to build yourself, make sure to purchase a good quality paint. Depending on your location and the relative moisture content of your area you may want to consider using additives to reduce mold and mildew on your barn style shed.

Barn Style Sheds

When it comes to size, there are standard options for the pre-built choice. The most popular sizes are 8x8, 10x12, and 12x16. Do a little planning to determine the size that will best suit your needs. You should consider your present needs as well as future needs. Like a garage in a home, sheds typically fill up fast.

When considering where to purchase your barn style shed or materials to build your own you should take along a little cheat sheet of questions to ask the dealer or your home improvement center.

  • What grade are the materials used to construct the walls and flooring?
  • What grade are the shingles?
  • Are there available additions for the interior of your shed? Some common kit additions are shelving, racks, and cabinets.
  • What type of guarantee is provided? Most respectable dealers will offer some sort of warranty on craftsmanship.
  • Are there hidden charges? Is delivery and set-up included in the quoted price?
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