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Avoiding Forced Air Heater Repair with Maintenance

Avoiding Forced Air Heater Repair with Maintenance

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September 13, 2007

Central forced air heater repair can be expensive, so the best plan of action is to prevent the repair in the first place if at all possible.  Of course, no matter how careful you are to adhere to a regular maintenance plan, at some point you'll need to either get your system repaired or learn to do the basic repairs yourself.

A forced air heater uses ductwork to carry heated air throughout the house.  There's a blower to keep the air moving to all corners of the house.  Central forced air heaters are popular, because the blowers distribute the air efficiently creating few, if any, cold spots.

Forced Air Heater Repair

Older units didn't have blowers which meant the hot air rose throughout the house unevenly.  But anytime you add features to a unit as sophisticated as central heat, you're bound to have a forced air heater repair at some point.  The more technology involved, the more expensive the repair can be.

Forced air heaters are either gas or electric.  Gas is the furnace of choice if the fuel is available in the area because it burns clean and often less expensive than electricity.  But when you need a forced air heater repair on a gas unit you have to be extremely careful you don't try to repair a gas leak on your own. 

Some repairs to furnaces require professional service by a certified and licensed technician.  But even so, there are many maintenance steps you can take to reduce the probability of needing a forced air heater repair.  A well- maintained furnace can provide years of repair-free service.

Problems that can require a forced air heater repair include the following:

• Pilot light goes out or won't stay lit
• Blower doesn't blow air through ductwork
• Furnace won't start
• Blower won't shut off
• House never reaches temperature set on thermostat

A forced air heater repair usually requires a licensed electrician in order to ensure the unit operates safely.  A gas leak repair should never be attempted by a homeowner.  In fact, if you smell gas you should leave all the windows open, leave the house and then call for an emergency repair. 

Regular furnace maintenance includes replacing filters, keeping properly working thermostats, keeping vent openings clean, making sure ductwork doesn't leak and keeping blower blades clean.  Of course, no matter how careful you are about adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, anything mechanical can break.

Some of the simple repairs can safely be done by the homeowner.  For example, you can replace the thermostat and replace fuses.  You can also repair ductwork and even replace blower blades.  But most repairs need to be done by an authorized technician or a licensed professional for the safety of you and your family.

There's a lot to be said for having peace of mind.

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