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Attic Louvers ? Keeping it Cool up Top

Attic Louvers ? Keeping it Cool up Top

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December 12, 2007

Attic louvers are a simple way to keep your attic ventilated.  Attic ventilation is important for a couple of reasons.  You don't want the attic getting too hot, because your air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the house cool.  In addition, attics are likely spots where excessive moisture can collect.  Vents allow the air to keep moving so that moisture doesn't collect.

Attics are like storage spaces and crawl spaces.  They can be easy to forget about until a problem occurs.  If you let condensation form in the attic, and don't provide a means for keeping the attic dry, it won't take long before you have house problems.  Moisture in the attic promotes mold and mildew growth.  Moisture can cause wood and roof rot.  Moisture can even get into your walls and create havoc with sheetrock and insulation.

Attic Louvers

Attic louvers are vented units that allow air to circulate in the attic.  They are made to be installed either horizontally or vertically.  Louvers are like slats set in a frame.   There are even different kinds of louvers to choose among.  For example, a functioning louver has slats that are always open.  They are often backed by a screen so bugs and other critters can't get into your attic.  There is such a thing as a decorative louver, but they don't ventilate and so won't keep your attic dry.

Louvers come in many geometric shapes which means you can have a ventilating louver that's also decorative.  You can buy metal or vinyl covered attic louvers.  The vinyl louvers can be purchased in colors that are coordinated with house colors.  This is particularly useful when you add an attic louver that can be easily seen.

Attic louvers are often installed as part of a total attic ventilation system that includes fans.  When it gets too hot in the attic, the fans come on and circulate the air.  The fan sits behind the louver and the air is blown out of the attic.  There are different sizes of louvers, and the size you need depends upon the size of the space being ventilated and the size of the fan (if installed).  Not all attics have attic fans, but rely on vents and natural weather air flow to keep the attic cool.

If you are looking for ways to lower your energy costs or to keep your house cooler in the summer, check your attic to see if it needs additional venting. 

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