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Attic Conversions ? How to Get Started

Attic Conversions ? How to Get Started

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February 22, 2007

Attic conversions are the latest way to add value and more storage space to your home.  Not only are you taking space that's been primarily wasted and turning it into something useful, but you're also creating a space that allows you to do more with your home.  To get started on an attic conversion, you need to think of three main things.

First of all, attic conversions need to begin with attention on the insulation of the space.  Most attic areas are only insulated enough to not affect the rest of the home and are still cold enough to not be hospitable. You will want to talk with the professionals about how to insulate the area well.  This will probably include additional layers of your existing insulation as well as drywall to cover the wooden frame that is exposed.  With these two layers, you should have better temperature control over the area - keeping the warmth in and keeping the cold out.

Create More Space With Your Attic

Next, you will want to consider the kind of walls you want.  These might be simple, cheap drywall pieces or you may want something more stylish like wooden paneling.  Realize that in the smaller space that an attic generally is, the darker the walls, the more confined the space might feel.  To combat that, you may want to make sure your wall plans include windows or more lighting to compensate for darker colors.  The upside of drywall is that it's very flexible and can be painted in a variety of colors, but with wooden paneling, there's little that you can do for attic conversions besides installing it.

Flooring is the final main concern in attic conversions.  You want something that is warm for your feet and that coordinates with other decorative choices.  You also want to find something that's easy to maintain as you can have difficulty bringing a vacuum or mop into that area.  Some options include hard flooring like wood or tiling, with decorative rugs to make your feet less cold as well as to insulate the room even more.

Attic Conversions  

Attic conversions are a great way to add more to your home, but it's what you add to these remodeling projects that will make it a better or worse addition.

Whether you decide to start an attic conversion, or something completely different, take the time to think about how you want to invest in your home. Start your attic conversion by receiving free estimates on your project, or check out our other home remodeling ideas to find the project that's best for you.

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