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Are You Wondering How To Replace Porch Posts?

Are You Wondering How To Replace Porch Posts?

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August 15, 2007

You may be looking at the base of your porch and thinking to yourself: how in the world can I possibly replace this rotten porch post?  If your dilemma stems from a post that is embedded in concrete, as many porch posts are, or if your post is simply buried, the technique of how to replace porch posts is similar.

The first and most important thing you need to do before you make any cuts or even look at the rotten post itself is to estimate what the post is supporting.  For your protection and for the structural integrity of the porch and possibly your home, you must use a temporary support beam to take the pressure off the porch post being repaired.  This can be done with a 2x4 cut to the length of the post in question and wedged underneath the beam that the post is supporting.

How to Replace Porch Posts

The next step is of course how to replace the porch posts that are rotten or damaged.  Examine the post and determine whether the entire post needs to be replaced or if only a small section needs to be repaired.  If the post is only slightly rotten at the bottom, you can use a connector and a one inch spacer to repair the rotten piece of the post.  Simply cut away the dead and rotten wood, insert a connector, and then insert the spacer.  The spacer should then be fastened to the spacer and in turn fastened to the post.

If you find that you need to replace the entire post, you only have a little more work to do and you know how to replace porch posts completely.  Cut the post at the base and then move the post out of place until it comes away from the beam it is supporting.  Cut another post to match the post you have removed, and then, using a connector, replace the post.

If your porch posts are embedded in cement, the above is how to replace porch posts.  But if you just have a buried porch post and need to completely replace it, you will need to dig the entire post out of the ground in order to replace it.

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