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Additions to House

Additions to House

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November 18, 2005

Creating Your Dream Home

by Jason Doane

Just about everyone wants to own the home of their dreams. For many homeowners, owning their dream home might be too expensive. A great way to turn your home into the home of your dreams is by building an addition. Additions aren't cheap, but you can save money over time to pay for them. Additions to house are a great way to increase the usefulness, value, and aesthetics of your current home.

Additions to house and home can increase your home's usefulness. You can add another bedroom or bathroom to make a guest suite or a new master suite. You can use the addition to expand a kitchen or living room or create a studio apartment to rent out for extra income. You could also create a recreation room for your family, a home theater room, or a play room for your children. Another option is to add another floor to your home thus doubling the size of your home.

Additions to house will dramatically increase the value of your home. Of course, building an addition isn't cheap, but it does provide a great return on investment, typically 70-80 percent. You can significantly increase the square footage of your home and tremendously increase your home's value.

Additions to House

Building additions to house can also increase your home's looks. You can add another story to make it look bigger. You can also create symmetry by adding onto each side or by adding onto the back of the house. If you are so inclined, you could even add onto your house to make it a specific shape.

Additions to house are projects that most homeowners will not able to do themselves. Therefore, you"ll want to hire a quality contractor to do the job. Fortunately, there are websites that will refer you to a quality contractor free of charge. From there, simply check their licensing and references and hire the contractor you are most comfortable with.

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