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Adding a Mudroom to Your Home

Adding a Mudroom to Your Home

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April 13, 2010

People often assume that home room additions require lots of space and a large budget; however, adding a mudroom won't eat up your yard or empty your yearly vacation budget. Creating mudrooms can be economical home room additions.

You can convert space you already have to build a mudroom, or add on a small additional room to create it. Then, after playing or working in your backyard, you can tidy up in your new mudroom. Keep in mind the following five elements as you make your room addition plans and while you interview remodeling contractors.

The Perfect Mudroom Location

A mudroom is all about location. Think about the most-used entryway in your house. This is where most people choose to place a mudroom. You can convert a small front porch into a mudroom or turn part of any existing room into a mudroom. It's best to enclose the room--having four walls securely surround the area ensures less chance of tracking in outdoor messes to the rest of your house.

Ideal Mudroom Flooring Choices

Choose a slip-resistant, durable floor that can be exposed to the outdoor elements without showing wear and tear. Good options include textured rubber, ceramic tile, and unpolished stone tile. Choosing a dark floor color helps hide the dirt. The ultimate mudroom accessory is a floor drain, making cleaning an easy chore. Or, station your room addition near an outdoor hose, so people can wash off before coming into the mudroom.

Mudroom Storage Options

Who is likely to use the room and what do you plan to store in it? If you have children, make the storage area user-friendly for them, with coat and backpack pegs at kid-level and color-coded bins for each family member. If you want to store sports equipment, plan ahead to make sure it all fits. Think about designing custom-made storage bins and shelving, or peruse container stores for items that may fit your needs. Shoes and boots need a place to dry and be stored, as well.

Mudroom Furnishings and Wall Decor

Include a bench or a few sturdy stools in your room addition plans so you can sit down while you pull off your rain boots. When pondering wall coverings, think about easy-to-clean options, such as vinyl wall paper, high gloss paint, or wainscoting.

You get a lot of bang for your buck with a mudroom addition. The rest of your house can stay clean and perhaps your family can enjoy being more organized, too.

 About the author: Nancy Schatz Alton writes and edits in Seattle, Washington. Her circa 1925 home just underwent an extensive remodel.

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