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Sell Your Home Quickly: Add a Deck or a Fence for Instant Impact

Sell Your Home Quickly: Add a Deck or a Fence for Instant Impact

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June 23, 2010

You are ready to put your house on the market, but is your house ready to sell itself? If the answer is 'no' then think about a few improvements that can make a world of difference in whether your house sells to the first or 51st potential buyer.

A Deck Adds Charm and Living Space

If your backyard or front yard has an area that has yet to be developed or planted, a deck can make an effective improvement immediately--nothing to grow or take root. A deck adds more than a few square feet of concrete or Arizona flagstone.

A deck in the front yard is welcoming and neighborly--a place to enjoy mimosas on a Sunday morning or host happy hour on a Friday evening. It adds instant curb appeal with an attribute of friendliness. In the backyard, a deck can extend your living quarters, adding virtual square footage and helping any property show well during an open house.

There are many deck options to choose from. If the task gets to daunting, consider finding a local deck contractor.

A Fence Provides a Clean Finish

A low fence around your front yard can dramatically change the look of your home, adding an attractive and finished look to the property. Fresh paint on your new fence makes the whole area look fresh and organized. This feature frames the home for a distinct and pristine appearance--a standout in the neighborhood!

You can buy sections of fence already assembled at a local home center, or contact a fence contractor to get estimates on a style and fence type that fits well with your home. There are many options available, from basic to intricate designs.

Whether you embark on these projects yourself or hire a professional, it is up to you. Both ideas are sure to help your home's appeal.

About the author: Leslie A.M. Smith lives in a 1929 house in Long Beach, California. When she isn't fixing things and redecorating, she is a freelance writer and public relations consultant.

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