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7 Steps to Building a Beautiful Sunroom

7 Steps to Building a Beautiful Sunroom

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October 20, 2009

Converting that little-used porch into the sunroom of your dreams might seem like an easy route--but there are many other factors to think about before you draw up the sunroom plans. Consider what you may need to make your sunroom a reality, and then call the contractor to make the dream come true.

Where should you start? These simple steps should help.

  1. Location, location, location. What are your intentions? A sunroom near the kitchen can make entertaining easy. If your sunroom will be more of a secluded retreat, consider using a side porch that doesn't get much use.
  2. Is a sunroom addition a better option? Depending upon your intentions for the sunroom and the existing structure of your home, a sunroom addition might be a pricier but more attractive option. Be sure to look into local laws and ordinances to ensure that a sunroom addition is acceptable in your area.
  3. Think about heating and cooling. Running electricity to the existing porch might be easy, but hooking into your central heat and air ducts could be very difficult. Call an HVAC technician for advice before you draw up your plans.
  4. Look at your yard. Are there deciduous trees near your sunroom location? When they lose their leaves in the wintertime, the sunlight shining through the glass can help heat your sunroom. When the trees leaf out in the spring, the shade can help lower your cooling bills.
  5. Consider the roof. Will you need to extend the roofline to make your sunroom "fit in" with the rest of the house? If so, consider the work required and the cost. If you choose glass that arches to the roofline, you might be able to manage with only minor adjustments to the roof and surrounding area.
  6. What kind of glass do you need? Do you want a sunroom that offers a great view yet maintains privacy? Consider smoked or tinted windows. Will your sunroom be a hit with children and their playmates? Consider shatterproof glass to ensure their safety. Design your sunroom with your most important needs in mind.
  7. Call the contractor. After you've checked into local ordinances and made decisions about what you hope to do with your sunroom, it's time to call the contractor. A reliable sunroom contractor can help you make further choices about what you need.

Building Your Sunroom

It can be easy to build a sunroom if you know exactly what you want, and can convey your wishes clearly to your contractor. Consider all your options--then sit back and watch as your sunny dream comes to life.

About the author: Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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