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7 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Backyard Pool for Summertime

7 Easy Steps to Prepare Your Backyard Pool for Summertime

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March 8, 2010

Who doesn't love a bit of summertime fun in the backyard pool? But before you take that refreshing dip, some attention to preparation and maintenance is in order. Before the summer sun beats down, take these steps to get your backyard pool ready.

Backyard Pool Maintenance in 7 Easy Steps

Ready to open up that pool for summertime fun? Here's how:

  1. Get the dirt out. Skim any debris out of the pool and empty the basket. You can make your job much easier by cutting back any trees that overhang the pool, or investing in a good pool cover.
  2. Vacuum it up. Set up the vacuum and take your time in cleaning the pool. Run the vacuum in slow, parallel passes, much like mowing a lawn. Clean the sides thoroughly as well, using a nylon brush attached to the vacuum hose. If you have a concrete pool, use stainless steel brushes.
  3. Test the pool for proper pH. If the pH is below 7.4, correct with soda ash. If it's above 7.6, add muriatic acid. Turn to lithium-based chlorine if the chlorine level is less than 1 part per million, and use an alkalinity increaser if the alkalinity level is less than 90 parts per million.
  4. Fix the filter. Turn the valve to "backwash" to clean out your filter. There are several different filters available for backyard pools; make sure you know which kind you have, and consult the manufacturer's instructions on how best to clean it. If you aren't sure, a swimming pool professional can help you.
  5. Clear it out. Turn the pool system off, and don't forget to close the skimmer valve. Open the trap and remove any hair, lint, and debris that has accumulated there.
  6. Does your pool have a chlorinator? If it does, now is the time to replace the chlorination sticks. How many you need depends upon several factors unique to your pool, so read the packaging instructions carefully.
  7. Keep it safe. Before you declare open season on your backyard pool, make certain all safety precautions have been taken. Drain covers should be in place, and the latches on your fence gates should be in good working order. If you have pool alarms, set them now. Brush up on basic CPR and ensure that rescue equipment is in good shape and within easy reach.

Your backyard pool is now ready for summer fun. Make a splash!

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